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Supply Chain Videos on YouTube

Supply Chain Beer Game – Professor Larry Navarre of Kettering University explains the supply chain beer game, which uses beer distribution to illustrate the demand and supply dynamics between linked supply chain nodes from manufacturer to end retailer.
Multi-echelon Supply Chain Optimization – Anshul Agarwal of Dow Chemical provides an overview of techniques used to optimize inventory levels across multiple nodes or echelons in a supply chain.
Green Supply Chain – Environmental sustainability as applied to the supply chain from the University of Minnesota Institute on the Environment.
Statistical Forecasting – Thomas Kessler presents time series forecasting methods incorporating trend, seasonality and other demand patterns.
Cycle Counting – Jon Schreibfeder of Effective Inventory Management presents cycle counting and physical inventory concepts.
Procurement – Omid Ghamani of Purchasing Advantage provides a one-hour overview of procurement and supply chain topics, including effective negotiation techniques
Lean warehousing -Lean supply chain concepts as applied to warehousing from the Georgia Tech Supply Chain and Logistics Institute.
Six Sigma – Janam Sandhu gives an overview of six sigma and the DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control) process improvement methodology.
Managerial Accounting – Professor Myles Bassell presents an overview of managerial cost accounting concepts, including cost classification techniques and the comparisons between product costs and period costs.

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